Govt to employ 750 agriculture extension workers

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Following an outcry by farmers of poor or lack of investment in extension services, Government says it will employ 750 extension workers during 2018.

Finance Minister Felix Mutati said on Friday that Government will enhance extension service provision around the country.

Mutati said in partnership with the private sector, Government will work towards improving agriculture market information systems and the development of functional markets as this is essential for sustained higher production, enhancement of agriculture value chains, raising of farmer incomes and reduction of poverty.

He said to support the outlined measures, Government will recruit 750 extension service workers for agriculture, fisheries and livestock.

Mutati said in the area of animal health, Government will continue with animal disease prevention and control programmes across the country. To this effect, he said, work on 200 dip tanks will continue and additionally, construction of 4 regional laboratories will take effect and be completed by the end of 2018.

He also said that of the 18 artificial insemination (AI) centres that had been planned for 2017, 10 have been constructed, with the remaining eight (8) still at various development stages.


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