Free Police services – Don’t pay for these:

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Police IG Kanganja

1. A Police bond is FREE
2. A medical report form is FREE
3. A call out is FREE
4. Recording of statements is FREE
5. Opening up a docket is FREE
6. If there is no evidence, release from cells is FREE; if there is evidence, the case goes to court.
7. A Postmortem is FREE. Relatives of the dead are not supposed to pay for the postmortem so are the relatives of the accused. The state has Forensic Pathologists and doctors based at Police Headquarters who conduct this service for FREE. In an area where our pathologists are not able to reach, a local doctor can be engaged by police and police ought to foot the bill and not relatives.

Note: If the local far flung police station hasn’t got the money to hire a resident doctor, they have the powers to allow the relatives to bury but MARK the grave so that at an appointed time the pathologists from headquarters can travel, exhume the body and conduct a postmortem. No two ways about it!

If you pay for the above services AFTER WE HAVE TOLD YOU, don’t complain.

If anyone makes you pay, report them to:
a) Police Headquarters, 2nd floor, room 219 or
b) Any Anti-Corruption Commission officers near you or
c) Any Officer in Charge of a police station near you or
d) Transparency International Zambia.

By Constable Omari Muwowo


One Response to Free Police services – Don’t pay for these:

  1. BA muwowo start by attesting those cops from C5 they are highly currupt . It’s very difficult to come out of cell s if you don’t pay them any money . The IG must put people to work closely with people that are locked up.and arrest any stupid cop . Next time I will mention names of most currupt cops at central police

    Mike kalonje
    June 10, 2018 at 10:43 am

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