Flying Fish partygoers head to Lusaka

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unnamedLusaka’s hippest partygoers will be heading to Portico in the Showgrounds on Saturday, September 24, for the next installment of the Flying Fish beach party.
The capital is expected to attract thousands following a similar event earlier this month in Kitwe when music-loving sun-worshipping revellers showed up at what some are calling one of the area’s biggest ever social events.
Following the success of last year’s beach festival, organisers of the event are planning to transport the city’s coolest socialites to a tropical seashore, complete with sand, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, towels, music, prizes and related activities such as beach volleyball, Zorbo and light football to cool ‘add some flavour’ hair cuts and Flying Fish temporary tattoos.
The beach festival will be the premier destination for party-lovers seeking the quality festive atmosphere usually found in European hotspots. Upon entering, guests will be treated to a lush Caribbean oasis complete with beach sand and palm trees.
Entertainment is from top acts including DJ Sebastien Dutch, and international maestro DJ Cleo, DJ Kuks, Psycho Tash, DJ Cheyo, DJ Blocks, DJ Sichation and Nexus Reggae Band.
Zambian Breweries, which distributes Flying Fish beer, hosts the occasion, with company bosses urging party-goers to conducted themselves responsibly both during the event and afterwards.
Flying Fish is all about trying something new and about finding inspiration in the ordinary. It’s a twist on the familiar, spontaneously adding just that little something extra to the everyday,” said Zambian Breweries managing director Annabelle Degroot. “That’s why we’re having another beach party in landlocked Zambia. Following the success we had at last year’s event in Lusaka.
Meanwhile, corporate affairs director Ezekiel Sekele said: “Zambian Breweries seeks to bring refreshment and sociability within the context of responsibility. We would like to urge all our guests for enjoying their drinks responsibly and for co-operating with officials from the Road Transport and Safety Authority,” he added.
Flying Fish itself is all about trying something new – about finding inspiration in the ordinary. It is a twist on the familiar, while spontaneously adding just that little extra something to the everyday.
Flying Fish premium flavoured beer comes in Pressed Lemon and Chilled Green Apple, and is the alternative choice for everyday inspiration, because Flying Fish combines the pure refreshment of beer with interesting flavours and fresh aromas for a new, delicious and easy drinking experience.
Under 18s will not be admitted to the beach fest, which starts at 14hrs. Tickets are K50 at the gate. More details are available on Facebook at @flyingfishzambia

4 Responses to Flying Fish partygoers head to Lusaka

  1. Boring story…..yawww

    September 23, 2016 at 6:49 am

  2. Just prostitution

    September 23, 2016 at 9:28 am

    • Lififi, don’t presume to judge when you don’t have first-hand knowledge and experience of the event. How would you like it if someone took one look at you and dubbed you promiscuous? I am sure you won’t be pleased!

      The event sounds interesting and links Zambians to a part of the African Diaspora, namely the Caribbean, that is generally overlooked in favour of America or Canada or England.

      Trevor M. Millett
      September 26, 2016 at 5:32 pm

  3. If Zambia had leaders with brains, the misisi dam could have been cleaned and improved with imported water from Kafue and turn it into a real beach place where people go and enjoy being at the beach. But our so called leaders are brainless people who only know how to drink Jameson

    Pukamoya Putuluka
    September 23, 2016 at 12:05 pm

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