Farmers urged not to sell their maize to FRA

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The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has urged farmers not to sell their Maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) until the agency increases its price.

Speaking on Byta FM’s Breakfast show, ZNFU President Javis Zimba said the price that FRA has offered farmers is way below the production cost.

Zimba explains that the standard production cost of Maize is K75 per 50 kilogramme bag and giving farmers below that is exploiting them and a way of introducing hunger to their families.

The ZNFU President has disclosed that he has already written a letter to FRA seeking an audience with them so that they can discuss a price that will give farmers profit for their crop.

Zimba appealed to farmers not to sell a single grain to FRA even when they are in need of money because the agency does not pay spot cash on delivery.

Zimba who did not disclose the amount the union will suggest during the meeting with FRA however said it would be substantial.

Meanwhile, the meeting between ZNFU and FRA has been slated for Friday morning.


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