Farewell Christine Chishala Chisha

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Christine Chisha

It’s slowly sinking in that you’re no more. Hard to believe.

When we spoke last Thursday as Kennedy and Angela visited, it was unimaginable I will be penning a farewell note to you today.

Seeing the image of Suwi and Luwi lay wreaths where you now rest confirmed my illusion of the last few days. The reality of your demise is too much to stomach.

When I arrived at the Times of Zambia in 2002 for industrial attachment, you are one of the journalists I met in the field that overtime has become my family.

It was a joy to see you last Thursday, we chatted briefly because you wanted to sleep. Little did I know that was the last I will ever see you. As a strong-willed person I was privileged to know in close to two decades, I was hopeful you will rebound so we can laugh and laugh again. Sadly, the opposite has happened.

The see you soon was indeed just a promise never to come.
You breathed your last Monday, May 28, 2018. Our hearts cringed. We are left broken for a young life is gone.

Easy going, affable, prayerful and caring defined your persona. It’s testament of the outpouring of love afforded to you as many grieve your demise.

You were not only a friend but sister; one who never shied to give counsel. We didn’t have to agree on everything, but we remained true to our friendship.

You offered a listening ear and had a lot of time for others. You were what a true friend can be. What a loss!

No word, phrase or script can give a perfect description of you. Your absence is profoundly evident.

And the reality of not seeing or talking to you ever again in this lifetime has dawned on us. You touched, ministered, uplifted and encouraged many a life.

All we are left with are the many wonderful memories you contributed to this journey called life.

My heart goes out to your precious duo Suwi and Luwi. They’ll play a significant role in our memories of you. Tragic is your loss Christine. I will miss those phone calls, messages and notes just to check how we as a family are doing on this side.

We can only draw comfort that yours is a place in “one of the many rooms” our creator prepares for your like profitable daughter.

Go well Christine. Good bye my friend and sister. May your soul rest in peace. Until we meet again, we will always miss you.

By Augustine Mukuka

Christine C. Chisha who worked as Journalist at Zambia Daily Mail died on Monday this week and was put to rest yesterday, Thursday, May 31, 2018.
As Zambian Eye, we convey our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues at Daily Mail. We pray that God will give them strength during this dark moment. Go well Christine!!

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