Dialogue should be unconditional – HH

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Hakainde Hichilema says it is unfortunate that President Edgar Lungu is attaching conditions to the Commonwealth-initiated dialogue but says he is not surprised because the Head of State known for shifting goal posts.

President Lungu yesterday said the Patriotic Front is ready to dialogue but that the process should be led by the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) and the Commonwealth.

The President told UN resident coordinator Janet Rogan who paid a courtesy call on him at State House that it is wrong for external forces to lead the process with set conditions in a sovereign state like Zambia.

But UPND leader Hichilema said in a statement today that President Lungu’s remarks are indicative of his “chipante-pante” style of governance.

“The statement by State House quoting Mr. Edgar Lungu giving conditions for dialogue is very unfortunate to say the least. But for us who have known Mr. Lungu and his PF leadership for changing positions on many issues, this does not surprise us,” stated Hichilema.

“They have changed position on economic, social and political issues in their famous “chipante-pante” fashion. These inconsistencies have led to the current social, economic and political challenges the country is facing.

“On the issue of dialogue, Edgar Lungu and his PF leadership have been quoted on several occasions saying there was no tension in the country and have never seen any need for dialogue with anybody.

“In a few instances they indicated willingness for dialogue, it has been on condition that they can only sit with those who recognize their President as the republican President based on the disputed 2016 elections outcome.”

He accused the PF of acting against the spirit of dialogue by going ahead with constitutional amendments without consulting other political players.

“With impunity and in total disregard of the spirit of dialogue, which among other things demands consultations among parties, they have unilaterally gone ahead with the process of amending the constitution again. Yet this is the same document we had warned about in 2015, that it had several flaws.

“We have no doubt that the PF leadership under Edgar Lungu is happy on the same path with the continued political tension in the country. As UPND, we would like to reiterate that we are available for unconditional and genuine dialogue in the spirit of moving the country forward.”

Hichilema said it is preposterous the President Lungu can turn on the Commonwealth now that plenty of ground work has been done.

“So far, a lot of preparatory and ground work has already been done to set the right environment for the dialogue. We find it preposterous that Edgar Lungu and PF can now turn back on the Commonwealth supported dialogue after assurance he gave them barely a month ago.”

He added: “Dialogue should be unconditional and we are surprised at the comments Edgar Lungu made while meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator.

“And since Edgar Lungu made the preconditions for dialogue while meeting the UN Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan, we challenge the UN and particularly UNDP and the Electoral Commission of Zambia to publicly release the November 2017 ‘Conflict Structural Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) – Zambia’ report which was Supported by the UNDP Support to Election Cycle Project in Zambia.

“We want the Zambian people to see this report together with the full recommendations made in there.”


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  1. This demoniac called lungu has to go together with his puppets.

    Lungu has to go
    April 5, 2018 at 4:58 pm

  2. Who is HH to force dialogue

    April 5, 2018 at 5:31 pm

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