ConCourt and 2021: Pick a fight with HH and everything but not the judges

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By Aaron T. Banda

Three times, I have tried to write my thoughts on the recent happenings in my beloved nation and I am left helpless. There is so much nonsense I can’t even comprehend or pretend to conceive.

The three (3) arms of Government have a responsibility to create a balance in society. The three (3) arms are self- supervised and have all a delicate and complimentary role to play in society. To some extent it’s the unwritten norm that Society can pour scorn on the executive (The Presidency) and the legislature.

In the case where the Executive and legislature fail to inspire the confidence of the people, it’s incumbent upon the Judiciary to correct the situation. Think of the Judiciary as the Rule of Law SWAT team, the go-to guys when all breaks loose.

For obvious reasons (risk of being cited for contempt) I will limit my write up to matters considered as common knowledge. Our Judicial system is a very close-knit set up. The only way you can have your way with them is simply by complying. If that fails, engage them individually and in a very respectful and tactful manner. For them, an atrocity on one is considered an atrocity on every one of them.

How and why the Presidency decided to attack the Judiciary still puzzles me. It’s either a case of bad advice from his handlers or his personal butler hand him the wrong drink on that flight to Solwezi. The Presidency given its professional background should also have known that the Judiciary always flirts around with “Precedence”. The decisions seemingly against the Presidency in Kenya and somehow South Africa are a wind we cannot ignore. It’s the much needed fresh breeze that’s good for our “politically-hot country.”

We should take a leaf from the great Michael C. Sata. With all his political wit and tact, complimented with people relationships, he completely failed to take down Judges Musonda, Mutuna and Kajimanga. Remember how long Judge Chikopa that led the tribunal languished at Pamodzi Hotel? I will spare you the details of whole process for now.

May I advise the Executive to pick a fight with MUKULA smugglers, HH, civil service, NGOs but not with the Judiciary.


3 Responses to ConCourt and 2021: Pick a fight with HH and everything but not the judges

  1. A big test to the judiciary. will they let the people down!

    November 3, 2017 at 12:28 pm

  2. The Judiciary has already let the people down before with how the petition was handled,so its up to them to made ends meet by doing the right thing which is the constitution must be protected and respected.But they should not cower for these mere threats from the Presido it appears he’s been misdirected by his advisers

    November 4, 2017 at 10:45 am

  3. Please identify the words used by the president that intimidate the judges

    November 4, 2017 at 11:26 am

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