Commercial farmer Costain Chilala joins PF

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President Lungu welcoming Chilala to PF

Mkushi businessman and one of the richest Commercial farmer in Zambia, Costain Chilala has joined the ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF).

Chilala was unveiled by President Edgar Lungu in Chilanga on the eve of the June 5 by-election where he campaigned for the PF Candidate.

The Mkushi farmer was one of the most admired farmers and there are reports that his businesses are not doing well.

Some UPND supporters have gone to town over this development as the man was linked to the opposition and was one of the names that came up during the succession of Anderson Mazoka.

“This man we used to admire his work culture being a neighbour in Nega Nega before he relocated to mkush farming block.I almost fainted when I saw how he is been struggling to maintain his status after being ranked among the richest commercial farmers in Zambia. I am sure a renowned economist Chibamba kanyama is planning to rewrite his book “business for our time” where he glorified costen Chilala and I quote “A rumour once went around that banks,through their bosses abroad were queuing up to meet him(costain Chilala) to entice him to borrow money from them”.End of quote. The man mismanaged his fortune and I may speculate that he is hoping to become over night millionaire by joining pf a party EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU who became a billionaire within one year of being in state house.

Ndamana ndime Hakwambwa bakandu.”


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