Church services cancelled due to cholera

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The Catholic Church and their counterpart the Seventh Day Adventist Church have cancelled all church gatherings and have called members to worship from home.

In a two saperate statements, the two churches said told members to obey health guidelines and that they will only congregate once there are some changes.

ADL Pastoral Coordinator Father Thomas Banda also advised Catholics to stay away from funeral houses saying only a priest could go there for prayers.

“The Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Lusaka wishes to advise all parishes of the following: 1. In all parishes you are advised not to do the exchange of peace through shaking of hands during liturgical celebrations or indeed any time when you hooey to meet until further notice. No meetings of more than six people especially in parishes situated in the areas where cholera has been reported. This means no Parish Council meetings, Catechism lessons or Lay movement meetings, etc. 3. In all areas where cholera has been reported, Parish Council meetings should be reduced to Parish Council Executive meetings. 4. No gathering at funeral houses in all parishes. Only the priest may attend the funeral house for prayers. 5. No group visits from parish to parish. 6. The Parish Executives must ensure that there is clean water and soap in all water closets for washing hands at all times. Lastly, kindly adhere to all cholera preventative guidelines given by designated authorities,” reads the statement from the Catholic Church.

The SDA also announced cancellation of church services.

“The church will give further updates on worship services once any changes/developments occur. Members are advised to obey the health guidelines given by government during this period. Members are all encouraged to worship at home and observe the day of Fasting and Prayer. Let us also pray for the situation to return to normal and pray for the bereaved families,” read the statement.


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