Chingola woman acquitted of murdering her 9-year-old son

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The Kitwe High Court has acquitted Melissa Neiman, the Chingola woman who was accused of murdering her 9-year-old Child.

Appearing before Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa Melissa Neiman 32 was standing trial for murdering her 9 year old son on 16 July 2016 contrary to section 200 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

She allegedly administered poison to him and later took the same poison with the aim of committing suicide though she survived after being rushed to the hospital.

The motive behind the act is believed to be the quarrel she picked with her boy friend who had threatened to leave her after suspecting her of cheating on him from a text message he read in her phone.

And delivering judgment Kitwe High Court Judge Justice Timothy Katenekwa said the evidence produced by the Prosecution through the 11 state witnesses was circumstantial and failed to link the accused to the Murder.

Justice Katenekwa said it was clear that both Melisa and her son ingested poison on the fateful day but with the prosecution failing to link her to the act, doubts arose in the case and such doubts are usually resolved in favor of the accused.

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