Chinese national caught driving government vehicle without documentation

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Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati says government has intensified the control of usage of government vehicles on weekends by launching the first phase of a nationwide campaign which saw a lock-down of Lusaka Province.

And a Chinese national was among the drivers impounded by Ministry of Works and Supply officers for driving a government vehicle without any documentation that allows government workers to drive government vehicles on the weekend.

All the four main entry points into the province had Road Blocks mounted by Ministry of Works and Supply Officials.

Speaking in Kabwe where he was part of the team of officers who mounted a Road Block at Mulungushi University, Mutati said his Ministry had intensified the control of government vehicles abuse as way of controlling use of tax payers’ money and usage of public resources.

He said government vehicles were part of the assets that belonged to the people of Zambia and that it was his duty to control the usage of people’s assets and prevent abuse being perpetuated by those who are allergic to following the rules adding that there is need to bring back discipline and order in the usage of people’s resources.

Meanwhile, a Chinese national who was driving from the East was impounded at Waterfalls Check Point where ministry officials had mounted their Road Block on the Great East Road.

The foreigner who was driving from the East could not explain himself as to why he was driving a government vehicle without documentation prompting the Ministry Officials to impound the vehicle and instruct the Chinese national to come to the Ministry of Works and Supply on Monday

And Senior Inspector of Government Transport John Chisanga says the Ministry has recorded some compliance in the usage of government vehicles on weekends and after working hours since the commencement of the exercise to cramp down on the abuse of government vehicles on weekends and after working hours.

Chisanga explained that though they are some radicals who are still giving them problems in their execution of duty the exercise has recorded some level of compliance as people have started to follow procedure as can be seen from the reduction in the number of culprits.

“The Government Control Unity has carried out a countrywide operation and for Lusaka I have got details which we have just gathered because we mounted road blocks on four points. Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern entry points and the data from all these points which we have gathered from 07 up to 12:45 from Eastern entry point there about 19 vehicles recorded two impounded and and 4 were charged they are supposed to pay the charges at Works and Supply. From the Southern entry 30 were recorded 10 where charged 4 was impounded so these have to come to some fines at Works and Supply. From Western entry point 16 vehicles were recorded and 5 were impounded. From Northern entry point 25 were recorded 10 were charged and 4 impounded…

“From the statistics we have here it’s like there is a down ward trend. There is some compliance somewhere though there are some radicals here and there who are trying to still give us problems in our execution of this duty but we are still cramping down on them like on the Eastern part there was a certain individual who claimed that he had bought the vehicle but he was still using GRZ number plate so we had to remove those number plates since he said the process of changing ownership was still on going so asked him to come to Ministry with the vehicles new number so that we can assist to complete the process of changing ownership,” he said.

The exercise which started three weeks ago to control the usage of government vehicles during weekends and after working hours continued on Saturday with Ministry officers mounting 4 Road Blocks in Lusaka.


3 Responses to Chinese national caught driving government vehicle without documentation

  1. Mutati is doing a great job.With controls in all ministries,we can pull through by saving some money to direct to needy areas.

    May 6, 2018 at 6:06 pm

  2. I am aware of some officers who had personal-to-holder vehicles sold to then more than ten years ago, but are still using GRZ number plates. I have been wondering what the problem is.

    I salute Hon. Mutati on this one. Please do not relent. In Zambia we tend to undertake positive initiatives like this one and abandon them, thereby getting back to where we were. Please do not fall into that category.

    May 7, 2018 at 11:14 am

  3. Hats off ba Mutati. This is how it should be.

    May 7, 2018 at 11:34 am

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