Chilanga has chosen poverty

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UPND Youths running away from attack

By Allan Morgan Sakala

The Just ended By-election in Chilanga was a grand opportunity for the long suffering-people of chilanga to decide whether they want the poverty-stricken status quo to persist, or go for progressive ideas that NAREP offered which presented a long overdue change to prosperity.

It is highly undeniable that the people of zambia have been subjected to high levels of suffering by the PF government,this is a government that used the poor people as capital for winning elections but after ascending to power in 2011,they have completely turned around to represent the rich and powerful in society.The poor people have become poorer while the rich have become richer.

Chilanga had a perfect opportunity to stand firmly in the election and reject poverty through their choices in the ballot box.Indeed Zambia’s suffering transcends all political party affiliations and as such it is folly of us to continue to vote solely based on traditional partisan lines.

The people of chilanga forgot that politics is not a game.This is not football,where for example a staunch Nkana fan will undyingly support his or her team no matter how bad the team performs.The fan will support the team no matter what.Nevertheless,what works for football does not work for politics.
Politics determines whether someone will have a job, or food on the table tomorrow or not —thus, decisions have to be made intelligently not because of dunana reverse songs or food parcels given during campaigns.

The people of chilanga must not have fallen for campaign gifts that were being given out as such acts are not sustainable. Would one expect to be given food handouts for the rest of their life, or after being given a stand, where will the money to develop it come from — more handouts?

Therefore, let us move away from political party allegiances that demean us and strip us of all dignity.
Let us carefully study the various parties available, and intelligently question their policies and manifestos as opposed to voting blindly.
It is sad that the people of Chilanga have joined the people of Munali,Chawama,Matero constituency etc in choosing poverty.These constituencies are in the hands of the ruling party but the constituents there in are in abject poverty,thousands of youths are unemployed after being promised 500,000 jobs in 2015 by the government.Welcome Chilanga to a list of constituencies that have chosen poverty by voting for PF.


4 Responses to Chilanga has chosen poverty

  1. What about before the bye election they had chosen what under upnd? please, don’t deceive yourselves, upnd will never never rule o resolve many problems people face in this country.Chilanga is a clear 2021 signal for The Ever Mighty PF.

    June 7, 2018 at 1:45 pm

  2. I cant agree more.The young man is on point

    New Zambia
    June 7, 2018 at 3:47 pm

  3. PF and UPND has destroyed this country.NAREP is the only hope and that Maria Langa cant help chilanaga

    NAREP Goverment in waiting
    June 7, 2018 at 3:52 pm

  4. Mr Brian Sakala,
    You must have hallucinations. Are you the only one that can’t just embrace the fact that the opposition political parties in Zambia currently have peddled on the wrong agenda and that is ‘remove ECL from the Republican presidency’. I find this very weird . From the time these parties came why has the common man and woman continued to predominantly reject the story of the opposition? Sakala, the reason is simple, when a leader becomes too big for the nation,they are basically plotting their down fall. Historical evidence abounds on this score. Arrogance, egocentric attitudes are all very well defined in these political opposition leaders. The patriot front is doing its best in these hard times to improve the status quo of the nation. For you Sakala to write this nonsense is proof that Zambia has a long way to go with regards to educating the so called half-baked people like Sakala. What does the term poverty mean? Which part of the world has no incidences of poverty? Sakala stop hallucinating, live in real time… ..

    The Watchman
    June 7, 2018 at 8:10 pm

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