Change will not come to America under Trump 

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By Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa

The debate around the world revolves around what fundamental changes the Trump Presidency would bring to ordinary people of America, and the United States in general and perhaps the entire world at large. It has been claimed by thinkers and scholars like brothers Dr. Okiror Oumo and others that Trump’s victory is a revolt of the ordinary folks against a self- aggrandizing, self-entitled elite and wealthy entrenched elite like the Clintons etc. Clinton was also feared as a hawk. Dr. Oumo has argued that a similar rebellion has been evidenced in Brexit, in Sweden, Germany, France, Greece, Spain and so. Dr. Oumo points out in his email to me that in the next cycle of elections in Europe, there would be mayhem against the establishments and leaders like Merkel of Germany etc will fall. Some separatist movements will manage to secede.

Bernie Sanders who ran against Hillary in the Democratic primary also ignited revolutionary sentiments in the country and hadn’t the Democratic establishments and the self preserved Super delegates conspired against Sanders as revealed by Wikileaks, Sanders would be the declared winner on the democratic ticket. People were ready for change. People are ready for change.

Dr. Oumo reasons that that rebellious spirit against the establishment will reverberate in Africa.

The question now is: what kind of change will come to America as an example? In whose interests will that change be premised on? Who will be disadvantaged? What will be the consequences of that change?

Will it be change for change’s  sake  without affecting the fundamentals of the lives of the people, like a conservative elite merely replacing a democratic elite? Given the two sets of elites, which elite do you support and which elite do you think tries to do better for the American people and the world at large? Each one of us has political values. Politics is not an objective science.

There are many ways of gauging what kind of changes are likely to be triggered and which interests are likely to be promoted. Look at the composition and coalition of voters that brought Trump to victory. Is that composition and coalition representative of the ordinary suffering and oppressed American? If the interests of that composition and coalition are promoted, will that bring about fundamental change to the ordinary lives of Americans? The composition and coalition that brought Trump to power included the white working class without college education and in America and in South Africa under apartheid, this is the class that is most racist, most resistant to change, most anti-immigrant and wants to keep America white forever. Trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote, a phenomenon that only happens once in a blue moon in America. So Trump does not represent change. He only represents generally the interests of a racist and conservative white working class with its organic racist, anti- Semitic, anti-immigrant, keep America white intelligentsia like Bannon of the Breitbrat fame and others. Breitbrat speaks to keeping America white and Bannon has been appointed as Trump’s propaganda chief. Change is not coming to America. Trump represents more like the empire striking back.

You shall know them by their appointments. That is the second method of gauging what kind of change will come. Who is being appointed to spearhead the changes. Can Bannon bring changes to the ordinary folk? Below I provide a link to one of the most racist and self entitled elite who is being touted as deserving a plushy and poshly post under Trump: Rudy Giuliani, a former prosecutor and Mayor of New York. He promoted racial profiling while a prosecutor, promoted stop and frisk while a mayor and so the unjustified incarceration of African-Americans quadrupled when he was Mayor. He parlayed his 911 notoriety into millionaire-ship by giving speeches to Wall Street, promoting businesses in Las Vegas and abroad for billionaires etc. Since the link. This is not the face of change for America. If Hillary can’t be elected because she represented the establishment, Giuliani is more enmeshed in racist and conservative economics and politics than Hillary and therefore didn’t deserve to get Trump elected. He doesn’t deserve a cabinet post.

Jeff Sessions and many racist individuals are touted to lead the so-called  change in America. Study the whole rafter of these people and see if they represent change and what kind of change. Retired hawkish Generals are being brought back. Retired Bush cabinet ministers and top level civil servants who took America to war and led America to the greatest economic crises since the depression, are being brought back. Wall Street Bankers are being brought back. Change is coming to America. I preferred change under Sanders or Hillary than under Trump. Hillary won the popular vote so America wanted change under her.

Foreign policy. It can indicate what kind of change. Putin of Russia has maintained the Syrian genocide and destruction. Is that the change that we want? Irag and Libya lie in ruins because change was desired by Washington under Bush. Are Iraq and Libya better off now than when under Hussein and Gaddaffi respectively? This is the question one must ask themselves when they fight for change. What kind of change. The Brexit people wanted change but now they are as confused as ever.

There are certain junctures when change is better no matter what chaos results later: change in the Soviet Union in 1917; overthrow of colonialism in Africa, China, India, Asia and South East Asia, the coming of Fidel Castro in Cuba, the overthrow of Apartheid in South Africa  etc were necessary change. The disposing and killing of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Gaddaffi in Libya were horrible changes. Trump also stated so. On this point of Iraq and Libya, I agree with Trump. On non-intervention in foreign countries by America, I agree with Trump. Only this change in American foreign policy of non-intervention is America going to effect positive change. Domestically change will be disastrous for the majority of oppressed, poor and suffering Americans. Racism, police brutality, poverty and repression will increase. This is negative change.

Obama would have brought more fundamental and positive change to America had the Republicans not obstructed his every move. Change he brought nevertheless.

I rest my case. Please read the link below.



3 Responses to Change will not come to America under Trump 

  1. Para.9 Iraq and Libya. ..because change was desired by Washington under Bush?

    Well for Iraq, yes Bush was in charge. Isn’t Hillary clinton one of the ochestrators of the invasion of Libya under Obama? Didn’t we learn enough of her scandals- the emails and the clitton foundation? Look how she and her husband used their influence to enrich themselves in Haiti, Colombia, Morroco etc.

    Hillary could have been a rationale choice but past history exposed her as being untrustworthy. This tragedy of our time because the ‘right people’ are too corrupt to inspire public confidence. So this election was a middle figure from the poor to the establishment.

    November 19, 2016 at 9:48 pm

  2. I get your point.

    Regarding change innLibya and many parts of the world, it is still change from Washington and not internally generated. If Trump lives by his strategy not to involve America in foreign invasions, coups, destabilization etc he would go a long way to allay my concerns and those of millions of people. Domestically, I fear what Trump portends for America.
    I like your imagery of the middle fingure. Many countries in the world deserve just that.

    Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa
    November 20, 2016 at 9:27 am

  3. You are all not Americans. Why worry about American change. Trump is desirable in this World because of his middle east stance. Israel needs Trump in the white house. Change will be there in this world. This world needs an aggressive leader of a superpower nation like USA policing the world.
    A loose canon to maintain world order. Obama has just brought the rot in this world because of his tolerance and promotion of Islam extrimists. He was just against Israel. Clinton is no different to Obama.
    Let us discuss Zambia here. Look at the rot in pf government. And the president is ndwii. Let us work him up to supervise his economic manager.
    Tongas say,” tacibizwi ankoto zyameso, cibizwa akusosela”. Meaning food on firewood will not cook by watching but by poking and adding firewood.
    The man is just interested in personal security and attacking the opposition forgeting that his poor economic management strengthens the opposition.

    November 20, 2016 at 4:13 pm

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