Chamber launches booklet on electricity and the economy

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The Chamber of Mines has released an educational booklet, A Brighter Future: Powering Zambia’s Economy, which looks at power in the mining sector and the broader economy, cost-reflective tariffs and the possible reform of the power sector.

“Power is arguably the defining issue facing the economy in 2017, given the persistence of loadshedding, the prospect of cost-reflective tariffs and the increasing likelihood of reform of the power sector,” said Chamber of Mines president, Nathan Chishimba.

“This short, easy-to-read booklet will provide a useful basis of knowledge about the power sector for a wide range of stakeholders – including government officials, business leaders, members of civil society and the general public.”

The 22-page booklet covers the basics of electricity generation, transmission and distribution; explains why Zambia is short of electricity; looks at the power consumption of the mines in a global context; and examines the challenges facing the power sector and the likelihood of its eventual reform.

“The desire for a revitalised power sector able to deliver electricity efficiently and reliably to the nation is shared not just by the government, but also by the Energy Regulation Board and other stakeholders,” said Chishimba. “We believe this booklet will help Zambians to have a more informed perspective about a critical and topical issue affecting us all.”

The booklet was launched to the Zambian and international media last week at a media conference, during which Chishimba gave journalists an overview of the subject matter. It can now be downloaded free of charge on the website www.miningforzambia, and is also available in hard copy from the offices of the Chamber of Mines in Lusaka.

A Brighter Future: Powering Zambia’s Economy is the third booklet that the Chamber has issued in the past 12 months as part of an ongoing programme of improving public awareness of strategic issues affecting the mining sector and the economy. The first booklet, A Guide to Understanding Mineral Royalty Tax (MRT), was published in March 2016; the second, Taxation and Mining Investment in Zambia, was published in November 2016. More booklets are in the pipeline.

The booklets have been well received, and have been endorsed by stakeholders ranging from business leaders and civil society to professional service firms and members of the diplomatic community. Mike Phiri, tax partner at professional services firm KPMG, said last year in a press statement that the booklets make the Chamber of Mines “a leader among industry players on disseminating information about their industry.”


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