Chaile trashes Lungu’s May Day speech

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President Lungu

Radical Revolutionary Party leader Vincent Chaile has charged that President Edgar Lungu missed an opportunity to address the harsh conditions in which Zambian workers work in in his Labour Day speech.

Commenting on President Lungu’s May Day address to Zambian Workers, Chaile said The President’s speech was “nothing new”.

“President Edgar Lungu missed a golden opportunity in his speech at Labour Day to inspire a labourer who works under harsh conditions, Chaile said in a statement to Zambian Eye.

“The speech would have made sense if he the President had written it himself. What he read was nothing new for a common labourer in the street.”

Chaile noted that President Lungu’s speech failed to outline solutions to challenges faced by the common labourer.

“The President emphasised on creating an enabling environment for doing business amidst high fuel price in the region, if not the entire continent, and high taxes.

“The working environment for a common labourer is too harsh to strive. Even simple things like having toilets and water at a market place is a serious challenge under this govt.”

The opposition leader further complained that The President failed to address the high unemployment rate in the country and the fact that the country’s wealth is largely in the hands of foreigners.

“The President could not differentiate between a slave in his own country and a labourer. All our wealth in the hands of foreigners. Drilling boreholes is in hands of black Indians.

“Grocery shops are in hands of Burundians and Rwandans. Brick making are in hands of Lebanese. Mines are in hands of foreign capitalist.

“The President talked of creating jobs for youths, when our heavy industrial area has been turned into security companies. This is evident enough that his government has failed. The majority have become circumstantial thieves due to joblessness,” Chaile said.


2 Responses to Chaile trashes Lungu’s May Day speech

  1. What does one expect from a Robber of Zambian resources, a headman of corruption?

    May 2, 2018 at 11:46 am

  2. Mr. Chaile says “Even simple things like having toilets and water at a market place is a serious challenge under this Government”. What came to my mind is: is he talking about markets constructed by this Government or markets that have existed since time immemorial, but which previous Governments failed to provide water and toilets? However, even if he is talking about old markets, I thought I have heard that the current Government is putting up water systems and flushable toilets in these markets as a way of curbing any further occurrence of cholera.

    May 2, 2018 at 11:54 am

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