CCZ instructs member churches to join forces with Govt in curbing cholera

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The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has instructed all its member churches in Lusaka to participate in the massive cleaning exercise in line with Government efforts in curtailing the spread of cholera.

The decision was arrived at during the CCZ management meeting which sat yesterday, Tuesday, 9th January 2018 to brainstorm on how best the Church Mother body could respond to the pandemic which has claimed over 66 lives so far.

According to a statement released by CCZ communications officer Michael Mazakaza today, Management resolved to instruct all CCZ member churches to identify areas within their respective residential areas particularly in Lusaka beginning with their respective Church premises that need to be cleaned and participate with patriotism.

“The congregations in other parts of the country are urged to proactively begin to thoroughly clean and under the Local Council of Churches chapters engage the local health authorities in each district to initiate and participate in general and comprehensive cleaning activities,” Mazakaza stated.

“Member Congregations are further advised to utilise Sundays to clean up after worshipping but subject to strict prior engagement, consultation and permission from local health authorities.

“We call upon all Christian families and Zambians at large to embark on a deliberate and consistent cleaning exercise of their residences in order to maintain the highest forms of cleanliness

The CCZ has also called on all Zambians to stop peddling speculations and apportioning blame but instead rise together as one to defeat the cholera epidemic.

“In-as-much-as the CCZ does not take pride in instructing its members in cholera epicentres to completely suspend worship services, we have been prompted to cooperate with the Ministry of Health directives because of the huge challenge affecting the Capital City.

“We, however, wish to inform our members in non-cholera epicentres that they are permitted to hold short services provided they maintain the highest form of hygienic standards and strictly adhere to MoH guidelines.

“We further wish to inform all our members that prayers can and will always be held at family level, via internet and other fora until the situation normalises.

“We applaud all the Clergy and Congregations that have shown maturity and risen to the occasion by utilising these alternatives.”

And the CCZ has resolved to work with the other Church Mother bodies in raising awareness among Lusaka residents on best practices of preventing the spread of Cholera.

The CCZ will work hand in hand with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) to supplement Government efforts in the fight against the disease.


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