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Health Insights: The toxicity of Soft Drinks

24 Views By Asunta SimolokaSoft drinks, defined as carbonated, non alcoholic beverages, are typical in modern diets.  Some experts have dubbed added sugar in soft drinks as an ‘invisible killer.’ Added sugar is extracted sugar, like table sugar, added to food, it should not be confused with healthy sugar that naturally exists in food, fruit, […]

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Health Insights: Lusala (Dioscorea roots) unmatched nutrition

3357 ViewsBy Asunta Simoloka Dioscorea roots, known in Zambia as Lusala, underscore the unmatched nutrition that people forego when they abandon indigenous foods. This healthy tuber contains iron and copper, essential for the formation of red blood cells and B vitamins needed by the body for various metabolic processes. Lusala is loaded with fiber, a […]

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