Bowman Lusambo inspects Kariba North Bank, calls for energy alternatives

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Bowman Lusambo

Bowman Lusambo

Movement for Multiparty Democracy Vice Presidential hopeful Bowman Lusambo says Zambia needs to speed up efforts towards the use of alternative energy solutions.

Lusambo, who spent the better part of Saturday afternoon touring the Kariba North Bank Power Station to check on the water levels in the Kariba dam, said efforts to adopt energy alternatives must be fast tracked.

And officials at the power station told Lusambo that these were the worst water levels the dam has ever experienced, adding that the situation had forced engineers to switch off some units resulting in reduced generation capacity.

Lusambo said the low water levels in the Kariba dam is a wake up call for authorities to adopt cheaper, cleaner and faster methods of powering the nation.

“This is a crisis of our time and we need to respond appropriately. Our water levels are so low and it is a miracle that ZESCO has continued to manage these low water levels to keep the turbines running,” Lusambo said as he pointed at the water on the Zambian side of the dam.

“We came here to see for ourselves and ascertain the situation and appreciate the gravity of this crisis. We cannot continue to cry about the low water levels but we need to summon our ingenuity and will to come up with solutions.”

Mr Lusambo appealed to the Energy Regulation Board and the Ministry of Energy to finalise the adoption of the feeding tariffs for solar and other energy solutions to speed up investment in the sector.

“We need to move faster on the feeding tariffs if we are to see more private sector investment. This is not for the government alone because the Government has competing demands but once the paper work is finalised and the private sector incentivised, we will see tangible solutions,” he said.

Lusambo also appealed to other opposition leaders to stop politicising the energy crisis.

He said politicians especially from the opposition must detach politics from the energy crisis if the nation is to come up with solutions.

“There is no point in outdoing one another for political scores. Our people are looking for solutions and that is what should occupy our debates. Let us divorce politics from this crisis,” he said.

Lusambo also advised Zambians to sympathise with the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation and help to conserve power.

“As individuals, there is something that we can do to help the power utility, let us ration power usage until such times when supply improves. We all have a role to play.”

Lusambo last week declared his intentions to run for the vacant post of MMD Vice President for Politics.


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  1. Ba Lusamno, twapapata, did you ask these fools are doing to correct this situation, we had plenty of rains, so where did the water go? All of a sudden the water in Karina has dried up, I don’t believe it, how were we managing last year , it rained thevsam, we don’t want bull shit here.

    Jordan ntumba
    September 7, 2015 at 2:54 am

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