Barotse treason case adjourned as another Activist is arrested in Lukulu

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The state has asked for adjournment in the case where four Barotse activists, Afumba Mombotwa, Sylvester Kalima Inambao, Likando Pelekelo and Paul Masiye Masiyaleti are charged with treason. The trial in the matter which carries a maximum of death sentence if convicted will now come up on 23rd September at the Kabwe High Court.


According to the Zambian Watchdog, when the matter came up before Kabwe high Court this morning, the state prosecution team applied that the matter be adjourned in spite of having shown vigour to prosecute the matter and having transported state witnesses from Southern and western provinces at a cost to the treasury.


The court has adjourned the matter to 23rd September 2015. The accused Barotseland leaders, who were all in very high spirits, remain remanded in filthy conditions at the notorious Mukobeko maximum security prison.


In another development, the Zambia Police in Lukulu have arrested a Barotse National in connection with the Barotse Independence writings on the vehicles which belong to the Zambian government local administration in Barotseland. The area District Commissioner Mr. Morris Litula whose nephew was one of those killed in cold blood by Zambia Police on 14th January, 2011, has confirmed the arrest of Boyd Nyambe in an interview with Barotseland Watchdog.


Boyd Nyambe is alleged to have painted the vehicles and buildings that belong to the local district Council, the DEBS’ office, Social Welfare, Health, Zambia Police, National Registration and Passport Office, and the District Administrator’s office with Barotseland Independence related messages.


Boyd Nyambe is currently in Police Custody to help with the investigations. He was found with the oil paint allegedly used in the graffiti. The arrest of Boyd is the second arrest in a couple of weeks after another Barotse was arrested for Barotseland related news articles he allegedly downloaded from the world wide web deemed seditious by the Zambian state.


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  1. strike the shepherd & the sheep will scatter. leaders in prison in kabwe & 1 activist writes on govt buildings & vehicles. doesn’t add up. looks more like a set up to get to know how people will react & their views

    September 7, 2015 at 9:09 pm

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