At Michael Kaingu Military University of Zambia

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“Show your ID.”
“What ID?”
“University ID.”
“That’s the new rule.”
“By which idiot?”
“Don’t insult, sir.”
“Ok! Who made this stupid rule?”
“Who is Kaingu? I don’t know any Kaingu at UNZA. Is she or he the Registrar?”
“No. The minister.”
“F@@k! Just open the gate. I have come to pick up my wife!”
“But, sir. Stop!”
My plea to former colleagues at UNZA, is that rethink what politicians tell you. You can not allow yourselves to be cowered into accepting stupid regulations. Why can’t Kaingu simply give you pass IDs you can stick on your cars? Don’t forget, I can still enter UNZA on foot without being asked for an ID. Let us always never cow to unthinking rules. We look up to you, and you are seriously disappointing us.
Ora pro nobis.
Postscript: Drove out through Senanga Rd exit, and the stupidity is pronounced! No ID check! This is seriously a dodo, unthinking State.
By Mbinji Mufalo

2 Responses to At Michael Kaingu Military University of Zambia

  1. last check, the university was a public institution with a public mandate rules and regulations. None of these rules or regulations say that entry to the university is upon production and scrutiny of an ID. LAST CHECK…

    The minister is either misguided or malicious in his efforts. When I walk into ZRA or NAPSA I am not asked to show my f’ing ID. when I walk into the delapidated city council offices, I am not asked to show my ID.

    Bwana Minister that is what “public office” means. To use a public toilet I am not asked to show my ID, to drive on public roads I am not asked for my ID only for my licence to drive.

    goat skin ballocks
    April 10, 2016 at 12:33 pm

  2. the docility of Zambians will never end.and the staff at these two institutions have accepted these colonial rules and queite typical of docile Zambians .shaa I wish I was not a Zambian

    April 11, 2016 at 7:38 am

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