Antonio trying too hard to be relevant in PF – Nawakwi

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Opposition FDD president Edith Nawakwi has accused Patriotic Front (PF) deputy media director Antonio Mwanza of making up stories that she will soon defect to the PF.

Nawakwi said her former protégé is trying too hard to appear relevant in his new party.

The oppostion leader who has been accused of supporting the ruling party also said that people that accuse her of being pro-ruling party are abusing her integrity.

Featuring on Radio Christian Voice’s ‘Chat Back’ program, Nawakwi explained hat it was wrong to assume she had sent Mwanza to the PF to pave way for her defection but that people should realise that Mwanza had gone to PF after having ridden on the FDD to grow his image in politics.

“Antonio wants to make himself relevant to the PF. Ask him how many votes he got in Munali with those people he has taken to PF today? I am sure he wants to be seen to be working. He is a young man, he has found a new home so we want to be kind to him.

“He has been telling people that naba mayo beletukonka (if our other is following us in PF), that has been his selling point. You mean I can send a low party functionary to speak for me, can I not pick a phone and call the President myself? If I want to join UPND you mean I cannot call Hakainde myself?” she said.

She added: “I want people to stop that abuse that I speak for PF that is usually said by people that want to gain political mileage. We are vocal that is why people are coming to poach from us. If we were not relevant the people would not be poaching from us. In any case like I said if you have God on your side, you do not need an army.

“When people pull back and say I am PF, they must look at my history. You mean I have not had opportunities to join government if I wanted to?”

And Nawakwi accussed some Ministers of failing the appointing authority.

“The ministers are not helping the President as you saw it had to take the President to say it in Chinsali that the e-voucher system has failed but the minister has insisted that it is working,” she said.

On the controversial ubomba mwibala alya mwibala statement attributed to President Lungu, Nawakwi said that it was an admission that there was a lot of looting by civil servants.

“In that statement the President acknowledged that there is a lot of stealing by public officers and that they should not over steal. That is the plain meaning it was an admission that the civil servants are stealing,” she said.

On the fuel hike Nawakwi said the recent fuel price hike was strangling the economy and advised that the procurement system be cleaned up.


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