After Police detention, Nawakwi vows to fight on

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Nawakwi leaving the police station

Nawakwi leaving the police station

Opposition Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has vowed that she would not be intimidated by arrests.


Police picks Nawakwi

Police picks Nawakwi

Police in Kitwe picked Nawakwi from Mulenga compound where she was campaigning.


She was taken to Wusakile Police Station and later Kitwe Headquarters where she was detained for two hours for allegedly carrying public assemblies without notifying the police.




“I want to thank all of you for the solidarity that you have shown me following my arrest and detention for over 2 hours at Wusakile and later Kitwe headquarters police yesterday,” Ms Nawakwi said.


She accused the police of being used by the executive.


“I feel sad for our men and women in uniform who are being forced to break their professional code of ethics under the orders of political authority,” sad Ms Nawakwi and charged. “That has to come to an end.”


She vowed: “As for me, I pledge to continue the fight for a just and poverty free Zambia and no amount of intimidation, danger or threats shall make me give up on Zambia. Nothing can break the spirit of the people. Aluta Continua, Victorio acete.”


But the Police Command on the Copperbelt province said Nawakwi had not been arrested and charged.


The Police says Ms Nawakwi had just been cautioned to follow the law. The Police says it expected Ms Nawakwi as a former lawmaker to abide by the rules.


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  1. What rules? How quickly we can forget 18th October 2015. It was just window dressing so that we could see how humble ECL can be? Edga’s heart has not changed. He is not a changed man at all. That was politics and it is business as usual. Cage all those posing a threat to my ambitions of retaining power. Edga is ready to make a pact with the devil just to retain power. That is what it means when he said he will buy his way to retain state house. If you misuse money, it turns into the devil’s power. There is nothing wrong with money, it is how you obtain and use it. Where has Edga got his money all over a sudden?

    October 31, 2015 at 11:52 am

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