Africa’s economic emancipation lies in the youths – CYLA

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Centre for Young Leaders in Africa CYLA ambassadors on Sunday graduated from a Program for Young Politicians in Africa, an initiative for young politicians sponsored by the Swedish government through the Green Forum and held at Salima’s Senga Bay in Malawi.

The program, which started last year with the initial participation of young politicians from political parties in Malawi and Zambia, is meant to foster the sharing of ideas and coexistence among young politicians in the region.

And speaking when he gave a vote of thanks during the graduation ceremony, MMD participant Gerald Chiluba, who spoke on behalf of the political parties from Malawi and Zambia, said the power of networking cannot be underestimated.

Chiluba, who is MMD Diehard national coordinator, said it is the power of networking by the freedom fighters from various African countries that led to the political independence of the continent, something he said should be used if African countries are to gain economic independence.

He explained that the economic slavery faced by African countries cannot be fought in isolation but that countries especially young people need to work together.

He said when young people in the region especially those in politics and business coexist cooperate and create synergies among themselves, peace and security in the region would be guaranteed and that significant strides will be made towards African economic emancipation.

“We cannot underestimate the power of networking among nations as young people because no single country can exist in isolation and achieve its aspirations, we need to network and appreciate challenges faced by Africa so we holistically deal with the setbacks.

“This day reminds us of the unity and togetherness which existed among our leaders in a quest to attain political independence. Now that Africa is independent, we need to liberate ourselves from economic slavery as one,” he said.

He added that with this exposure to information, young politicians will participate in the political dispensation from an informed point of view as well as speak with clarity and conviction about critical matters.

The parties that participated have since formed an organisation called Centre for Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA) which has membership from all political parties in the two countries.

People’s Party, United Democratic Front, Democratic Progressive Party, Alliance for Democracy and Malawi Congress Party participated from Malawi while Zambia had participants from UNIP, MMD, PF, ADD, FDD and NAREP others were UPND, Green Party and Rainbow party.


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