A husband’s letter to his wife to be

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Dear future wife,

I love you so much but before I say I do, I want you to know that marriage is not as straight as you might imagine but no matter how depressing and frustrating the events of life will present before us.

I want you to be as strong as Edith Nawakwi and remain resolute like the ECZ. Sometimes I will fail to meet your expectations like Lungu but that doesn’t mean I don’t care but no matter what, you should never raise yo voice at me like Martha Mushipe. When you think I’m wrong just sit me down and talk to me with a humble voice like Dr. Canisius Banda and I will listen as I expect you to be a pillar like Inonge Wina.

I want you to be faithful and not jump from one man to another like Sylvia Masebo because I will end up divorcing you like Nkandu Luo. I don’t want you to be talkative like Mumbi Phiri. But even if you do that I will never beat you like GBM does.

I suppose you are a good cook but don’t overfeed me till I lose my neck like Chishimba Kambwili. I’m positive that with you by my side, money won’t be a problem because I will be a rich man like Hakainde. On our wedding day I won’t forget to carry the ring to the alter like Tilyenji Kaunda coz I may fail to marry you.

Please remain faithful to me like Dundumwezi people or our fortunes will tumble down like Mwenya Musenge and Shakafuswa.

With love,
Future Husband


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